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Flowers and Chickens

Ceddar Waxwing in the Apple tree.jpg
I'm all that.jpg

I'm All That, 16x12, o/c SOLD

Lilacs in a white vase.jpg
Bouquet in a Ball Jar.jpg
Buff Cochin Beauty.jpg
Bouquets in jars.jpg
Whos that.jpg
Dandelions in the rain.jpg
IMG_0906 (1).JPEG

Who's That?, 20x16, o/c

Buff Cochin, 16x12, o/c SOLD

Cedar Waxwing in the Apple Tree
10x10, o/c

Poppies in a Glass Vase, 20x16, o/c

Dandelions in the Rain, 20x16, o/c

Lilacs in a White Vase, 16x16, o/c

Bouquet in a Ball Jar, 20x16, o/c

Bouquets in Jars, 16x20, o/c

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