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Sunrise on Mount Oseola.jpg 1.jpg

East Osceola, 15x30, o/c

Spruce Grouse Family.jpg

Spruce Grouse, 12x24, o/c  SOLD

White Mountain Rhodos, 10x10.jpg

White Mountain Rhodos,
10x10, o/c SOLD

Along the Saco River.jpg
Trail to Bunker Hill.jpg
White Mountain Birches 20x16.jpg
The Presidentials.jpg
Top of Zeacliff, 10x10.jpg
Canada Jay, 10x10.jpg
Lincoln Woods Trail, 20x16.jpg

The Presidentials, 10x30, o/c SOLD

Lincoln Woods Trail, 20x16, o/c

Airline Trail to Adams, 36x24, o/c

Canada Jay, 10x10, o/c

Along the Saco River, 30x24, o/c SOLD

Trail to Bunker Hill, 30x24, o/c

Zeacliff, 12x12, o/c

Lonesome Lake, 20x16.jpg

White Mountain Birches, 20x16, o/c

Trail to Mount Waumbek.jpg

Snowy Trail, 24x12, o/c SOLD

Lonesome Lake, 20x16, o/c

Trail to Mount Waumbek, 30x24, o/c

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